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Crypto Island membership DAO NFT

With the launch of the crowdfunding DAO we’ve launched a new NFT membership. These membership NFT’s are exclusively for the DAO participants and each comes with its own benefit aside from co-owning the soon to be bought island in the Bahama’s!

Day 1 Holders Reward

The Day 1 holders NFTs were a gift from Crypto Island to the diamond hands day 1 holders to thank them for joining us on our first day, but more importantly, trusting in us and holding their investment all this time!

With the creation of the Day 1 NFTs, life was given to the now known Angry Aquatics NFT series as seen below. 

To receive a Day 1 NFT, the community had to apply to a custom bot to see if their wallet addresses complied with the rules.  Each wallet address that bought our CISLA token within the first 24 hours after the launch on August 21st 3 pm UTC and didn’t sold more than 20% of their initial investment received a Day 1 holders NFT.  In total 300 day 1 holders received a NFT.

These NFTs were randomly minted and they come with multiple benefits for now and in the future when we’ve bought the first island!

Island benefits

Game benefits

Rarity of creatures

23%  Krill
17%  Crab
16%  Octopus
14%  Fish
12%  Dolphin
9%   Shark
6%   Whale
3%   Humpback  Special benefit: 5m CISLA tokens per week

Rarity of color and background

22%  Fire
19%  Vibrant
18%  Water
16%  Grey
12%  Blue-Gold
8%   Purple
4%   Orange
1%   Dark

Crypto Island 1st Series

The 1st edition Angry Aquatics is the official first public NFT series launched by Crypto Island. In this series the mighty sea creatures returned to the surfaces of the sea in a slightly redesigned way. Packed with a bunch of different benefits these NFTs were destined to be a great success. Within its limited first sale round the first 50 were available for purchase for the public with a 50% discount. They were sold out in just under 7 minutes for 60 matic each. The normal price for these NFTs is 120 matic and can be purchased via the Buy Now button underneath.


World Of Crypto NFTs

This NFT series will be the biggest series so far. For this series we want to spread the well known Island vibes inside and outside our community.

The holder of one of these NFTs will have the huge benefit of co-owning the soon to be bought island in the Bahamas! These NFTs will be packed with 1 million CISLA tokens which makes you applicable for the co-ownership. 
This series will change the NFT game on a whole other level. With very cool designs packed with loads of use cases and benefits, these NFTs will be the first of its own in the NFT space!

In total there will be 10.000 NFTs available with a floor price of 0.1 ETH. Each NFT will be completely unique and they come in different rarity levels. The details regarding these levels will be shared in the coming days. 

This new series will be known by the whole NFT industry thanks to a huge marketing campaign we’re setting up these coming weeks. To name one; This series will be highlighted by the biggest and well known NFT Instagram page out there, owned by Mark Cuban.

Each day in the coming weeks we will share an update or info release about the NFTs and the marketing, so make sure don’t miss any updates and check out our Discord and Telegram channels.

We know this is going to be a huge success and to celebrate this we will giveaway 1 BTC to one of the random buyers of this NFT series! Next to many different giveaways that will be announced day by day.


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